Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 30 Last Urdu Subtitles


Mendirman Jaloliddin Season  Episode 30 Last Urdu Subtitles

You tested the patience of the wrong nation. Ali is still absent. Claw 1, Claw 3… Claw 1, where are you? Stop, turn around. Stop! Turn around. Hands up, turn around. Who are you? Show your face. Your hand is heavy too. Like the footsteps of the apocalypse. How many people are coming after this? No matter how many people come, we will stop it in our chest. I’m coming. Code 22, get ready. Is it code 22?

Protection fire. I repeat code 22. Be prepared. sounds) Collapse! Come on, come on, come on, come on! “Do you want to go to the sky?” I repeat, five minutes. Talking TCG 18 March, we are waiting okay. The main operation begins now. Solomon’s operation. Has the back been heard? We’re coming bro, don’t worry. Don’t worry,


Süleyman, we will burn it, we will burn it. Evacuation successful. The hood is closed. It goes on silent. Operations Centre, speaking TCG 18 March. As the protector and steadfast guards of our beloved homeland, we have completed our duty without incident. We’re going back to the homeland, okay. Understood 18 March. The country is grateful to you. There’s a corpse here. Who is this? -Could it be Nadia? –


I don’t know. Let’s look everywhere. Come on. Come on. Pim! Check! Bomb! Horse! Pim! Check! Bomb! Horse! Pim! Check! Bomb! Horse! Pim! Check! Bomb! Horse! You are welcome, sir. You are right, we performed a successful operation in a difficult area. Yes, sir. I will review the documents and submit my report as soon as possible. I will follow you, sir. Thanks. Thank you, commander. Come on.


Commander, Claw team has arrived, dinner is ready. So let’s go too. Wow! Look at the beauty of the table. A bird’s milk is missing. Big operation, big reward, sir. -Selçuk… -Don’t . Brother, how did you endure nine months? I couldn’t stand it anyway, commander, I got bored in the eighth month. The commander is coming. Attention! The Claw Team has completed its mission… …returned to its homeland, sir. -Thank you. -Thank.

Guys, you’re all welcome. Thank! Good luck to all of you. You did a great job. It’s a big job. Big job for the country. Here you go guys. Let’s see, bon appetit. Do not refrigerate, do not refrigerate. Come on come on. They were very tired, but it was worth it. Sabri, let me hear it. Yes, sir. Questionable death. See how they take care of it. It was an aid activity, no one even mentions the terrorist organization.

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 30 Urdu Subtitles


Süleyman deserves the most praise. The man will go to the engagement with the dust of his feet. Thank you, commander. Sir, you will come to the engagement, right, to put on the rings? -Spring is pretty exciting. -Suleyman… Friends, I wanted to be with you very much, but… … there is an important meeting in Ankara. That’s why I’m leaving Captain Ali in my place , as a proxy. Yes, sir. Sit down. “

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